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Home » League of Legends Champion Update – Swain, The Noxian Grand General

League of Legends Champion Update – Swain, The Noxian Grand General

LoL Champion Update Swain

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Swain is one of League of Legends classic champions. Known for his impressive crowd control abilities, he was a favorite pick among players who want a magic-damage dealer and fighter as a champion. However, as the years passed by and more AP heroes were released, Swain slowly lost his charm and was put aside. But not anymore, because he is back with new skills with a more terrifying presence on the battlefield, fitted for the Noxian Grand General.

Let’s check out the update:


Passive: Ravenous Flock

Passive - Ravenous Flock

Swain’s passive can cause two things. Ravenous to pull an immobilized enemy champion towards him with a right click, ripping out a Soul Fragment and dealing magic damage.

Flock, on the other hand, causes a Soul Fragment to be created for every enemy champions killed. Once Swain collects a Soul Fragment, 4% to 7% of his health will be restored.

Q: Death’s Hand

Q - Deaths Hand

Death’s Hand allows Swain to unleash five bolts of eldritch power that strike the first enemy they hit, piercing through them. Enemies hit with those bolts will receive magic damage. While each unit killed by the skill will restore some Mana points to Swain.

W: Vision of Empire

W - Vision of Empire

The Vision of Empire causes Swain to open his demon eye which can see up to 3500 range away. It also deals magic damage and causes the enemy target to slow down for 2.5 seconds. And champions who will take double damage, granting Swain a Soul Fragment and are revealed for a few seconds.

E: Nevermove

E - Nevermove

Nevermove allows Swain to release a wave of demonic power, dealing immense magic damage to enemies that it passes through. Swain will then command the wave to return, detonating it on the first enemy hit.

This skill deals magic damage and enemies are rooted for 1.5 seconds.

R: Demonic Ascension

R - Demonic Ascension

Demonic Ascension is Swain’s ultimate ability. It causes Swain to release and free the demon within 12 seconds, gaining health. Every second, he drains three of the closest enemy champions and deals magic damage, healing him. After draining his enemy’s health, Swain gains the ability cast Demonflare.

Demonflare causes Swain to unleash a nova of Soul Fire, dealing magic damage and ending his transformation.


So what do you think about Swain’s update? If you’re curious about how his presence can dominate your team in Summoner’s Rift, then update your League of Legends program on your gaming PC and check him out. He is now available to play.


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