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Paragon’s New Melee Tank Hero: Terra

Paragon has released their newest hero, a durable melee tank hero named Terra. According to her info, Terra is a fearless and unyielding warrior, who charges into battle and fights for justice. Upon hearing that her adopted father was killed, Terra sets out in a quest to hunt down the Countess to avenge him and finally put an end to her reign of terror.

Let’s check out this video of Terra:


LMB – Carve

LMB - Carve

Carve is Terra’s basic melee attack. She uses her humongous poleaxe to hit her enemies, delivering a 20% cleave damage.

RMB – Counter Guard

RMB - Counter Guard

Counter Guard is a defensive take. Terra raises her shield, guarding for a brief moment. If Terra takes damage while she is defending, the damage will be deflected and turned into a Shield for 3 seconds. The size of her Shield will be determined by the percentage of unmitigated damage that was diverted.

Q – Ruthless Assault

Q - Ruthless Assault

Ruthless Assault makes Terra spin all around, striking all enemies around her before finishing the spin with an additional forward slash which totals to her ability damage.

E – Deafening Command

E - Deafening Command

Deafening Command upon click will cause Terra to slam her ax into her shield, creating a Shield that deals ability damage and applies a stun for 1.4 to 2 seconds on all enemies in a radius around her.

R – Unstoppable Force

R - Unstoppable Force

Unstoppable Force is Terra’s ultimate skill. Terra’s helmet smashes down, granting her a 300/500/700 Shield and an Unstoppable buff that makes her immune to crowd control abilities for 4 to 6 seconds.


Terra is now available to play. To check out her gameplay, you can download Paragon on your Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops for free. For more information, you can visit Paragon’s official site at

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