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Smite New God Reveal: Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld

Smite New God Cerberus

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Smite finally reveals the newest mythological figure to join the roster of gods and goddesses — Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld. Cerberus is a beast of impossible animosity that welcomes all who comes in the door of the Underworld.

And now that the War of the Gods has started, Hades, Cerberus master, has unbound him to the battlefields. With his poisonous breath, his acidic spittle, and his gaze that can turn flesh to stone, Cerberus now haunts the world of the living, eager to drag anyone who crosses his path to hell.

Passive – Spirit of Death

Passive - Spirit of Death

Spirit of Death allows Cerberus to receive 40% heal from any Enemy God who is getting healed within his range, reducing 20% of that Enemy God’s heal.

1st Ability – Paralyzing Spit

1st Ability - Paralyzing Spit

Paralyzing Spit causes Cerberus’ snake tail to spit venom which passes through and damages enemies. If Cerberus’ dog heads are alert, they will also spit venom when the ability is fired. Each head will then be alerted upon hitting an Enemy God with his basic attack, and all are alerted after Ghastly Breath. Each of this skill’s projectile that hits the same target will deal 20% less damage, but hitting an Enemy with all 4 will stun them.

2nd Ability – Ghastly Breath

2nd Ability - Ghastly Breath

Ghastly Breath causes Cerberus’ three heads to release a cone of noxious breath in front of them, dealing damage to all enemies in range. It also reduces their Magical Power up to three times. While enemies who are in the center of his breath are then slowed up to three times. This attack also alerts all of Cerberus’ heads for Paralyzing Spit.

3rd Ability – Soul Expulsion

3rd Ability - Soul Expulsion

Soul Expulsion causes Cerberus to leap a short distance forward, to deal damage on impact and to sever the soul of his enemies. These souls will not block Cerberus’ attacks while killing the souls will heal Cerberus.

Ultimate – Stygian Torment

Ultimate - Stygian Torment

Stygian Torment will cause Cerberus to howl hauntingly which summons the souls of the damned. This will lift all Enemy Gods into the air while stretching the link between their bodies and soul, damaging them. After a few seconds, Cerberus uses this link to pull the enemies to him.


Cerberus is now available to play on Smite. To check his gameplay and skills, you can download Smite on Steam or on its official website for your Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops.

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