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Riot Releases a New Cinematic for League of Legends Season 8

League of Legends new cinematic trailer

Photo Source: League of Legends The Climb Cinematic

Riot has released a new League of Legends cinematic to celebrate the game’s upcoming Season 8. The video which has the title, “The Climb,” features several champions fighting their way through hordes of enemies.

The video starts off with Yasuo putting down his wooden flute above a stone before putting up his Windwall to protect himself from a hail of arrows. The scene then switches to Taliyah, gracefully surfing her way to Shurima and shaping the earth beneath her to protect herself from energy blasts that seems to continuously come out from nowhere. After hailing a Weaver’s Wall and gliding her way through it, the Shurima desserts slowly transforms into the steampunk streets of Zaun. There where we see Ekko trying to make his way through enemies to defeat Urgot by using his skills, Chronobreak and Parallel Convergence. We also see Blitzcrank here, helping Ekko, by grabbing Urgot’s men to clear the latter’s path.

Cinematic Trailer Ekko

Photo Source: League of Legends The Climb Cinematic

However, before Ekko could even grab Urgot, his Parallel Convergence ended, and we see him falling down, trying to activate his device. After crashing into what seems like a glass roof, the scene shifted under the water. Here where we see Miss Fortune trying to grab her gun while battling what looks like the tentacles of Illaoi.

And finally, we have Lucian who we see battling through hordes of dark creatures as he climbs through the stairs of Underworld to reach Thresh, who has the soul of Lucian’s dead wife trapped in his lantern.

Let’s check the cinematic trailer below:

League of Legends Season 8 is scheduled to begin on Jan. 16, a date in which every player’s rank will be reset as well as their Honor Level — a first in the game. To know more about the upcoming season, you can visit League of Legends official site.

League of Legends is one of the most played online MOBA games. It is developed by Riot for Microsoft Windows gaming computers and laptops. It is also free-to-play.

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