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CyberPowerPC Winter PUBG Showdown


This weekend, CyberPowerPC will be hosting our first PUBG tournament of the year. The group stages will start on Sunday morning, 1/21, at 10 AM and the tournament will be played out from there. There will be both a duos tournament with over $10,000 in gaming equipment and computers awarded to the top teams. The top team will win for themselves, $5,000 in high-end gaming PCs while second and third will receive $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. In addition to the actual tournament itself, we will be hosting a free viewing party for anyone interested in watching. There will be free refreshments and giveaways at the site as well as free to play gaming PCs.

How to Join the Tournament

To join the tournament, teams will need to create a CEVO account and add their PUBG ingame name to it. From there, you will have to create a team and invite your teammate to join your roster. The final step is to simply join the official tournament Discord server. Communication with tournament officials will be on the Discord server only, so be sure to join. For more information, please visit the tournament website on how to join the tournament.

Viewing Party

As mentioned previously, the viewing party will have free refreshments, giveaways, and free-to-play PCs available. The viewing party will be held at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana. Whether you’re here to play your favorite games, enjoy the tournament, or just hang out, everyone is welcome. For more information on the viewing party or to purchase a ticket, please visit our page here.

More information on this tournament and future CyberPowerPC tournaments can be found on the CEVO website.

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