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Home » League of Legends Reveals Lunar Revel Skins 2018

League of Legends Reveals Lunar Revel Skins 2018

League of Legends Reveals Lunar Revel Skins 2018

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Lunar Revel is an annual League of Legends event based on the Lunar New Year. Since 2012, Riot made it a habit of releasing new champion skins to celebrate the event. And just last week, Riot finally revealed this year’s lunar revel skins: Lunar Guardian Nasus, Lunar Guardian Warwick, and Lunar Empress Lux.

Let’s check them out:

Lunar Guardian Nasus


Lunar Guardian Nasus swore to annihilate all who threaten the kingdom with his power. The new skin features Nasus all adorned in golden armor, posing his ultimate regal form. It also has new VFX that showcase beautiful jades and golds, and new SFX that features shimmery, metallic sound effects, perfect for the stoic guardian. The skin also gives a new recall animation for the stalwart protector.

Lunar Guardian Warwick


Lunar Guardian Warwick is tasked to relentlessly pursue the darkness to the ends of the world and bring its end. The skin reveals a new model and texture that features Warwick with new armor as ferocious as it is ornate. It also has new VFX with a new kit full of unruly jades and golds. Its new SFX, on the other hand, features shimmery and metallic sound effects befitting his role as a beastly demigod. And last but not the least, a new recall to welcome the ferocious guardian.

Lunar Empress Lux


Never underestimate the power of Lunar Empress Lux as shines brighter than any moon. The new skin gives Lux a new model and textures, giving her a golden staff and a stylish lunar revel outfit. Her new VFX features a new kit full of bright oranges and gold with hints of jade. While her new SFX features a harmonious sound, mixing magic and metal tones. The skin’s new recall shows Lux being protected by her two new adorable companions: lunar pups.


All the skins are set for 1350 RP and are now available on PBE. League of Legends is currently one of the most-played MOBA games online for gaming computers and laptops.


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