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Valentine’s Day League Skins


Photo Credit: DeviantArt (ShermanTank13)

Each year since 2012, Riot has released new champion skins before Valentine’s Day on February 14th to celebrate the day of love. Previous skins include the Debonair, Heartseeker, and Sweetheart lines with Heartseeker Vayne, Heartseeker Ashe, Sweetheart Sona, and Heartseeker Quinn among some of the more popular skins in the game. Many of these skins are only available for purchase during this time of year, so be sure to not miss out on the chance to show your love for League.

This Year’s Skins


Photo Credit: Dot Esports

This year, Riot has announced that they will be offering the Sweetheart line of skins for the only couple in the game, Rakan and Xayah. Both skins will receive special animations for recalling, attacking, and using abilities, featuring a Valentine day theme. In addition, Rakan and Xayah’s special recall interaction has the couple slow dancing together before recalling. The Sweetheart skins have also adjusted the color scheme of the duo. Sweetheart Rakan has a white cape with purple pants and several gold trimmed, pink hearts are strewn throughout his appearance. Sweetheart Xayah has a darker palate of clothing with a midnight blue and purple outfit with a gold trimmed red cape.

Possible other Goodies

Although Riot has not officially announced any other items being sold, in the past there have been ward skins and summoner icons sold during this event. Recently, Riot has also been changing Summoner’s Rift to match the theme of the event so it is likely that there will be an overhaul of SR for Valentine’s Day too.

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