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Agony’s Developer Madmind Studios Unleashes the Red Goddess Trailer

Madmind Studios, the developer of the upcoming hellish game Agony, has promised to reveal the “Red Goddess” on Christmas Eve. And as expected from the studio, they didn’t disappoint avid fans and released their newest trailer on the promised date.

As its March releases come near, it’s the perfect time for Madmind to show a new trailer. It’s a minute long and features the Red Goddess in her terrifying glory. It also shows the denizens of hell, flocking to her whim.

Fans have been speculating as to what Red Goddess’ role is in the game. Whether it is confirmed or not, Red Goddess is the main antagonist of the game. And her personality even makes her the most terrifying entity that players will encounter in the game. She is one of the mystical figures the player will have to face to escape hell. But sadly, that is all we know about her, and we have to wait for more news about her character.

Still, the trailer shows us more of Agony’s nightmarish, blood-soaked visuals and atmosphere. As we all know, Agony is the first survival horror video game from Madmind Studio. Set in a first-person perspective, the game puts the player into a role of a tormented soul trying to escape the depths of hell. However, unlike the other tortured souls, the player possesses a unique ability which lets him control other tormented soul in hell, and even allows him to possess demons, giving him the means to survive.

Through exploring hell’s hostile environment and interacting with other tortured souls, the player will soon understand that there is only one way to escape hell and that requires meeting hell’s queen, The Red Goddess.

Agony is due to be released worldwide on March 30, 2018, for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops, as well as XBox One and PlayStation 4. With its unique storytelling and outstanding graphics, fans of horror video games may want to keep an eye out for it.

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