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Dragon Ball FighterZ Introduces New Character to the Franchise

Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to be released on January 26. And as it was revealed, the new game will be introducing a new character and original fighter called “Android 21.” Although the character was created by Namco Bandai for the game, the company revealed that it was the DragonBall series creator Akira Toriyama who designed it.

In an interview with Kotaku, Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki explained the process of Android 21’s character creation. He said that it was Namco Bandai that decided what kind of character Android 21 will be.

“Bandai Namco said what kind of character we wanted,” said Tomoko Hiroki. “And we gave him the plot. From then, he was able to freely draw the character.”

As explained, Android 21 was solely made for the game. She will be the antagonist of the game, and from what little detail the story trailer has provided to us, it seems that she has some association with the Red Ribbon Army. The group that was served as a major antagonist in the original Dragon Ball anime series.

If you can still remember, Dr. Gero, the creator of Android 17, 18, and 19, is a member of the Red Ribbon Army. Tomoko Hiroki also revealed that Android 21 has actual ties to Dr. Gero. We just don’t know if she is also created by him or not. It is also said that Android 21 is actually more intelligent than Dr. Gero, which specifically means that she can cause more trouble than he did.

Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay

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While it is currently unconfirmed whether Android 21 will be a playable character or not, it was revealed that she has a significant role in the game.

Aside from that, Tomoko Hiroki also mentioned that he would be happy if Android 21 actually becomes popular enough to become part of the Dragon Ball anime. But for now, we’ll all be happy to see more of her and see what she can bring to the series.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is an upcoming 2.5D fighting game from Bandai Namco and Arc System Works based on the worldwide popular Dragon Ball franchise for XBox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows gaming PCs.

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