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Tyler1 Unbanned


Photo Credit: Youtube Tyler1

One of the largest and controversial League of Legends streamer and player, Tyler1, was banned over 600 days ago for toxic and unsportsmanlike behavior ingame. Commonly known for his Draven gameplay and his role as a top tier ADC main, viewers on his stream also knew him for his raging and angry personality. However, he has made great strides to reform his behavior and many people in the community including other top streamers have been calling for him to be unbanned. Yesterday, on January 4th, Tyler1 announced he was finally unbanned and would be streaming League of Legends again on Monday.

Tyler1 and the Streamer Personality

The image that Tyler1 created for himself as a streamer was that of a tough, “alpha male” as he liked to be called. This is part of his streamer character and many of his actions and reactions are over-exaggerated to make for a better experience for his viewers. Many other streamer personalities are either a character or exaggerated from their normal selves to entertain their viewers. Whether they established their personality as goofy, raging, or something else, more viewers are likely to watch someone on one end of the spectrum instead of someone acting normal. For example, DrDisRespect who streams Battle Royale games such as PUBG and H1Z1 is a character created by the ex-community manager for Sledgehammer Games. On stream, he is a loud, obnoxious, and cocky character, exaggerated by Guy through DrDisRespect’s actions. However, this is what keeps his viewers entertained and interested in his stream. However, it is important for viewers to realize that what goes on during a stream is not what necessarily goes on in a person’s life and the same goes in the case of Tyler1.

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