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The New God Staff Jax Skin and Varus Splash Update

Riot has been doing updates before the year ends and two of these includes a new skin for Jax and a lore update for Varus.

God Staff Jax

God Staff Jax has descended upon the mortal plane of Runeterra, full of divine and immense pride. His new model features Jax donning a godly attire and a glowing torch staff. His recall animation shows Jax’s impressive staff handling and exuding divinity as he shows his arms and floats above the earth.

The new skin also gives Jax a new death animation with a dramatic knockback, showing Jax as he clamors to use all of his strength to rise again. It also gives him a unique VFX which includes bright gold with brilliant amber and white accents, and a new SFX with empyrean tones, pure bells, and substantial impacts.

God Staff Jax is set for the price of 1350 RP.

Varus Splash Update

Aside from the new skin release for Jax, Varus also got a splash and lore update. His lore brings in a new bio, a new story titled “Dark Kin,” and two new comics with the titles “Heartlight” and “Retribution.” And that’s not all, Riot also released a music video that tells the background story of Varus, and how he has come to life with a newly-woven flesh and skin to bear his form.

Here’s an official video of the music video with the title “As We Fall”:

Varus is now introduced as an ancient race of darkin, who was a deadly killer who loved to torment his enemies with his arrows. However, he was imprisoned at the end of the Darkin War. Centuries later, he escaped in the remade flesh of two Ionian hunters. It’s been years since Riot has updated Varus and it’s quite nice to see him getting a spotlight.


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