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Tips and Tricks for CS:GO

Whether you just started to play Counterstrike, or have played for years, certain little techniques can help improve your play.

Peeker’s Advantage

Maybe you’ve heard casters talk about peeker’s advantage on an esports stream and thought, this is just a made-up placebo effect. However, there is some merit to this idea, particularly when peeking around corners. Because of how angles work in CS:GO and in real life, whoever is standing further away from a corner will see the other person first. For example, if a person on the Counter-Terrorist team was glued to the edge of a corner while a Terrorist was peeking from a slightly further distance from the CT player, the Terrorist player would see his enemy first and be able to shoot him.

Movement is Key

One of the key defining elements of any great player in CS:GO is how they move around the map. Efficient movement from one point to another could save crucial seconds that could be the defining factor between arriving at a spot first or running into an enemy AWP. Take Dust II’s Long A for example. If both players on either team have the optimal spawn to run to Long A, the Counter-Terrorist player will arrive just before the Terrorist player. However, if the CT player doesn’t take the optimal and quickest route (hugging the long wall), he will arrive later and the Terrorist player will be scoped in or running out already.

Flashes and Smokes win Games

Two of the strongest grenades and a staple of any professional teams are flash and smoke grenades. Knowing how to properly throw smokes and flashes to perform a site take or prevent enemies from rushing onto a bombsite is the difference between winning and losing. While smokes can be repeated with relative ease, knowing when and how to pop flash is important. The best flashes pop just after the enemies can see them to prevent people from dodging.

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