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Home » Street Fighter 5 Season 3 Features Sakura, Cody, Blanka, and Sagat

Street Fighter 5 Season 3 Features Sakura, Cody, Blanka, and Sagat

Capcom has finally announced and revealed all of the upcoming Street Fighter 5 Season 3 DLC characters. The cast comprises mainstays Cody, Sakura, Blank, and Sagat, plus new characters Falke and G.

The new characters were introduced in an Arcade Edition trailer, while fan-favorite Sakura was revealed in her own one. While Falke and G are the only new characters in the upcoming season, Capcom gave each returning fighter a costume change. Sakura has grown out of her school uniform, and Cody is now wearing a swish new suit. Sagat is wearing a new pair of pants along with a traveler’s cape, while Blanka seems to have grown out his ginger mane. As for the new characters, Falke seems to appear as one of the Shadaloo cadets, while G is probably the president-like fighter Capcom has been talking about.

The Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition update is set to launch on January 16, 2018, for both PS4 and gaming PCs. Aside from the new characters, the update will consist of an upgraded version of the base game, additional gameplay options, updated interface graphics, and the entire season 1 and 2 rosters.

Being the first character to be revealed, Sakura is apparently the first new fighter to join the roster. She will be featured with four outfits to play with which includes her standard costume, her story costume, her battle costume, and her classic high school uniform costume.

After Sakura, Blanka will be next in line, and Falke will apparently be the third. Cody comes after that, and from what it appears, he might be the new mayor of Metrocity. The mysterious G will go next, and Sagat will come last.

Aside from the Season 3 DLC, Capcom also announced the 12-game Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection that will be arriving on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in May 2018.

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