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Snow Battle ARURF Hits the Rift


Photo Credit: Riot Games

With Christmas just around the corner, Snow Battle ARURF has officially been launched for the main client of League of Legends. Grab your friends and participate in this fast action game mode where people are throwing snowballs and zooming around the map.


Snow Battle ARURF is just like other All Random URFs, with a few exceptions. First of all, the only available champions are those with a snow or winter themed skin. For example, Karma has a Winter Wonderland Karma skin and would qualify for this. Going along with the winter theme, all the champions being played automatically are using their winter skins, which cannot be changed. The other difference from regular ARURF is that the only summoner spells available are Flash and Snowball. The Snowball summoner spell is similar to the one on ARAM except that it has the range of half the map. This means that champions can zip across from lane to lane by hitting enemy champions or jungle camps and zoom to that location. Snowball can also be used to get your champion out of a sticky situation. For example, if you’re stuck in the Baron pit with no escape, simply use snowball on a jungle monster and zoom out. Of course Snowball can be used to hit and chase down an enemy champion to ensure that they don’t escape.

The rest of the game mode is just like any other ARURF with 80% cooldowns, 3 gold per second, and a ton of fun. So grab your team, and get on the rift to start throwing snowballs at the other team.

Play Snow Battle ARURF on our Christmas Special system. Perfect for a Christmas gift or for yourself, this system fits the theme of Snow Battle with its sleek white, blue design, and its Ultra Rapid Fire speeds.

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