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FaZe Win ECS Season 4


Photo Credit: HLTV

After an exciting weekend of games that ended with an intensely close finals, FaZe emerged as the winners of ECS Season 4 and the $250,000 first place prize. Second place goes to mousesports who fought a close match against the eventual winners, but fell a bit short.

FaZe vs Fnatic Semifinals

FaZe’s semifinal match was against Fnatic, one of the longest standing teams in CS history. The series began on Overpass and FaZe put up a stellar 13-2 CT side to kick off the match. Despite several clutches from Fnatic’s JW, the 13-2 lead was too much to overcome and FaZe took the first match comfortably at 16-7. The next map in the series was Overpass and Fnatic started off on the Counter-Terrorist side this time and put up a respectable 9-6 half after winning the second round force buy. However, FaZe once again put up a rock solid defense on their own CT side, closing out the map and series with a 10-2 half and 16-11 win on Train. On the other side of the bracket, mousesports had a tight 2-1 victory to take down Astralis.

FaZe vs mousesports Grand Finals

The match between FaZe and mousesports was one of the most exciting and close series of the tournament. Each map went to a minimum of 30 rounds, if not more, with players from both sides making big plays to win important rounds. The first map of the series was Nuke, and mousesports kicked it off with a big 11-4 CT side. FaZe managed to pull it back and almost tie up the score at 14-15, but mousesports’ oskar managed to get three kills in the final round to secure mousesports a 1-0. The second map Inferno was just as close with both teams fighting tooth and nail for each round. At the end of regular time, the score was tied at 15-15 and the map was sent into Overtime. FaZe were looking at the face of defeat with mousesports winning 18-17, but rain managed to hold down his site with 3 kills to send the match into a second Overtime. From there, FaZe were able to take a well fought win at 22-18. The third and final map of the series was Mirage and once again, both teams were equally faced. Again, regular time was not enough to determine the winner and the map was sent into Overtime. Olofmeister’s double nade was enough to give FaZe match point and rain was able to get a 3k to close out the series and win FaZe, ECS Season 4.

Congratulations to FaZe for winning the tournament and for rain for receiving the MVP award.

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