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5 MOBA Games You Need to Try Right Now

5 MOBA Games

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When MOBA is mentioned, the first games that come to mind are Dota 2, League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm. But believe it or not, there are many other MOBA video games on the web not many have heard of.

That’s why for today, we’re naming 5 MOBA games that we think are worth knowing (and playing).


Described as a fast and fluid Strategic Hero Shooter, Gigantic is a free-to-play multiplayer hero shooter video game from the independent game studio Motiga. Unlike other MOBA games, in Gigantic, players fight alongside and against massive guardians to control the battlefield. It gives the player the freedom of movement to maneuver its expansive and intricate arena with unparalleled speed. And best of all, Gigantic revolves around strategy. Your team needs to adapt and plan with their teammates to defeat enemies using a wildly diverse roster of heroes.


Battlerite is a free-to-play, action-packed team-arena brawler from Stunlock Studios, developed for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops. The game features a unique combination of a top-down shooter mixed with a fast-paced fighting game, letting its players engage in quick and intense action. Choose your Champion, and team up with friends or other online players, and dive into a battle for glory. Wield control over your champion and execute attacks against your enemies.


Awesomenauts is a 2D MOBA video game developed by Ronimo Games and was released for Microsoft Windows systems in August 2012. The game lets players battle 3 vs. 3, using awesome space mercenaries, turrets, and robots. It also has a fast-paced platforming gameplay that gives players a truly unique and accessible MOBA experience. The game also allows the player to take control of an extensive cast of highly customizable Awesomenauts, each with their own set of skins, abilities, and character themes.


Strife is an online team PvP video game from S2 Games, which was described as a second generation MOBA, featuring non-stop action and engaging combat. Similar to other MOBA games, the player takes control of a mighty hero. Each hero in Strife is uniquely designed to embody a play-style. The game also allows you to customize your armory, enabling you to change item components and recipes for it to be part of your arsenal. Finally, Strife allows your hero to have a pet which will accompany you onto the battlefield, an awesome feature you’ll love.

Prime World

Prime World is a MOBA and MMORPG hybrid game developed by Nival for PC and Mac systems. The game features exciting, heroic battles where you fight to prove the superiority of your clan. Collect unique talents and create your own army of invisible heroes. The game also allows you to enter into a mutual alliance with clans, for-profit, and conquest. Select your heroes and their role: slayer, protector, vanguard, support, and fighter, and raise your clan’s power.

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