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PUBG 1.0 on Test Server


Photo Credit: Bluehole Entertainment

Two days ago, Bluehole announced that they would be releasing their tentative version of PUBG 1.0 on to the Test Server. With the release of this patch, both of the maps, Miramar (desert map) and Erangel (original map), will be available in the matchmaking rotation. The update has also tweaked some features on both maps as well as the overlay for the game.


The desert map, Miramar, has been a brand new experience for many veteran players of the game. The map features several new guns as well as vehicles as compared to the previous map, Erangel. New guns on the map include the Winchester 1894, a lever action rifle, the Rhino revolver, and a sawed off double-barrel shotgun. The Winchester takes up a primary weapon slot while the revolver and sawed off fill the secondary weapon slot where pistols are placed. Both the Winchester and revolver take .45 ACP ammo and this revolver instantly loads its 6 bullets as compared to the revolver on the other map.

For vehicles, the UAZ and Dacia from the previous map were removed and replaced with the Pick Up truck and Camper Van. The truck has two seats in the front row and two seats in the back, open area of the car. The van is a six-seater and has the highest health of all cars in the game at the cost of handling and speed.

Other Changes

The update has also brought many other changes to the original map and the overall game. For one, the lobby screen has been completely overhauled to something similar to Dead by Daylight’s lobby screen. In addition, the Erangel map has been revamped with different saturation, coloring, and text to make it more aesthetically pleasing and easier to read. Erangel has also seen some minor changes such as the bars removed for the 2nd and 3rd stories of the apartments to allow players to jump out from there instead of only from the top floor.

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