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8 Gameplay Tips and Strategies for Overwatch New Hero, Moira

After her release last month, Overwatch new hero, Moira has been gaining the attention of many players worldwide due to her astounding skill set. With abilities that can either heal allies or damage enemies, Moira has become one of the best supports a team can ask for.

And if you’re one of those whose aim is to master her skills and gameplay, then you stumbled upon the right article. Today, we’re going to give 10 helpful tips and strategies for Overwatch new damage-dealing support hero, Moira:

Overwatch Moira

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Keep yourself alive.

You’re a support, so prioritize your own safety. While keeping your team alive is vital, remember that if you die your allies will soon follow since they won’t have anyone to sustain them during a team fight. Use Fade to survive deadly attacks or to reposition yourself away from danger while being able to protect your allies.

Use your Biotic Orb to clusters of viable targets.

Optimize your orbs’ healing and damage by targeting a cluster of viable targets. You can do this by firing the Biotic Orb at the most simple angles, like in the direction of the closest vertical wall or directly at your targets. Avoid shooting Orbs at tricky angles because in most cases, it will just make them fly away from the place you need them, and in effect will waste your cooldown.

Moira Gameplay

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Fade can help you avoid lethal damage, disengage from enemies, reposition, or single-out weakened enemy.

Fade allows Moira to become invisible, and her movement speed will be significantly increased for a short period of time. This allows her to either avoid lethal damage, dodge dangerous ultimates such as Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor or get out of Zarya’s Gravitation Surge.

The skill also gives her the freedom of movement and invisibility to quickly disengage from enemies or reposition herself during team fights. Lastly, it also helps her engage with singled-out enemies.

Remember to use Coalescence to heal allies rather than dealing damage to enemies.

Prioritize healing allies with Coalescence over dealing damage. It makes it much easier to line up your allies than enemies, plus its damage is a bit underwhelming for an ultimate ability while burning through its healing is very hard.

Moira Gameplay 2

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Use Biotic Grasp to heal an ally in immediate risk of dying.

When your teammate is receiving damage or is on the verge of death, prioritize healing them to prevent their demise. You can use Biotic Grasp, with it being one of the strongest healing effects in the game, it will be able to out-heal many sources of damage.

Heal a group of allies using Biotic Grasp and Orb.

When your allies take spread damage while standing close to each other, Moira becomes the best healer to deal with it. With Biotic Grasp and Orb healing effects, you can reach a short burst of stunning 140 health per second healing, outpacing nearly all non-Ultimate damage, that enemies may throw at you. Plus, healing in scenarios like these charges Moira’s ultimate at a breakneck pace.

Moira Ultimate Skill

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Target low-health enemies.

Moira’s lock on Secondary Fire and damaging Biotic Orb can allow her to efficiently harass and kill low-health enemies. Plus, using Fade will allow her to immediately capture the enemy who’s trying to escape.

Target enemies that are not behind barriers.

Damage enemies that are not protected by barriers. This will allow you to recharge your healing resource quicker, heal yourself, and help your damage dealers in burning your targets down. This will also help you build up your final charge. You can also use your Biotic Orb to harass targets behind barriers.


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