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Meet the Classes of Ascent: Infinite Realm

In a previous post, we’ve discussed Bluehole Studio’s new MMORPG game in development, Ascent: Infinite Realm. Set in a fantasy, steampunk-inspired world, A: IR is designed to give players an immersive experience of aerial combat, formidable faction battles, and magical characters.

To give you an idea about the characters this new MMORPG has to offer, here’s a breakdown of their classes and skills:


Sorceress is the master of the arcane arts. Blessed with keen senses and an innate gift of sorcery, she can command an arsenal of elemental magic. She lacks the full defense of other classes, but she can compensate for this by obliterating enemies.

Her main weapon is a staff, and her secondary weapon is an athame. She excels in attack power, attack range, and critical hit but not in utility, defense, and attack speed.


Mystic is Nature’s Blessing incarnate. Although she possesses a childlike appearance, she can command the powers of nature. Mystics can also aid their allies through healing magic while keeping attackers from afar. So do not let their misleading appearances fool you into thinking otherwise because Mystics can be very formidable.

Mystic’s primary weapon is a wand, and her secondary weapon is a totem. She excels in utility, attack range, and attack speed, but lacks in defense and critical hit.


Warlord is a Stalwart Battlefield Commander. He needs no elaborated words to describe himself; his battle prowess can speak for itself. He is endowed with superior physique, allowing him to quickly wield his large weapons at the frontline to protect his allies and claim glorious victory in battle.

His primary weapon is a gigantic Warhammer, and his secondary weapon is a shield. He excels most in defense, utility, critical hit, and attack power. However, he lacks in attack speed and attack range.


Assassin, also known as the Cruel Kiss of Death, is a purveyor of death that offers little in the way of remorse. She is a whisper in the dark, and the flash of the steel are the only signs she is near. Lethal damage is her forte. And should you be unfortunate enough to find the wrong side of her blades, then prepare your last words.

Her primary and secondary weapon are both blades. She excels in critical hit and attack speed,  has nice stats in defense and attack power, but lacks in utility and attack range.


Last but not the least is the Gunslinger.  He is known for his unflinching resolve and the way he treats the battlefield as his playground. Whether it is unleashing a barrage of powerful blasts or landing an impossible shot, expect the Gunslinger to shape the battle in their favor. So be careful never to cross one, or you will be dead surprised.

Gunslinger excels in attack range and attack power and works well in delivering a critical hit, attack speed, as well as defense. However, he lacks when it comes to utility.


Although we don’t have enough information to give you all the details regarding these classes, Ascent: Infinite Realm is set to be released in 2018 for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops. It is developed by Bluehole Studios alongside Kakao Games.

To check out more information regarding the game, you can visit its website at

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