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Welcome to 2017 LoL All-Stars

Photo Credit: Riot Games

With the massive gap between Worlds and the Spring Season, the much anticipated 2017 All-Stars for League of Legends is the only thing to cut through the waiting for fans. This weekend, All-Stars will be played with the top voted players from eight regions across the globe. These mix teams will be fighting to claim the top spot for their respective regions.

The Teams

The players on each team are the top voted players per role in their regions. From North America, Hauntzer, MikeYeung, Bjergsen, Sneaky, and aphromoo were the chosen players. Bjergsen and aphromoo have played in previous All-Stars events, but this is the first time for the rest of the players. Coming from Europe are sOAZ, Jankos, PowerOfEvil, Rekkles, and IgNar. The Koreans have sent CuVee, Ambition, PraY, GorillA, and of course, Faker. From China, the representatives are, 957, Mlxg, xiye, Uzi, and Meiko. For the LMS come Ziv, Karsa, FoFo, BeBe, and SwordArT. BeBe, one of the oldest and only World Champion on the LMS roster has announced his intention to retire from competitive play after this event. The Turkish team this year is comprised of Thaldrin, Stomaged, Frozed, Zietnot, and Zergsting. Southeast Asia has sent Jisu, Levi, Patrick, Dantiz, and Kra and last, but not least, Brazil’s team is comprised of VVvert, Revolta, Kami, brTT, and Dioud.


The matches have already begun starting yesterday. The full tournament will run from December 7th to December 10th with the group stages being played on the first two days and the playoffs on the final two days. The tournament also features the traditional series of 1 vs 1 matches between the players, to spark some friendly inter-regional competition.

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