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LoL Champion Guide: Zoe, The Aspect of Twilight

Zoe - The Aspect of Twilight

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Zoe, The Aspect of Twilight, is the new champion to hit the fields of Summoner’s Rift. She is called the Everchild, an embodiment of mischief, imagination, and change. She also acts as the cosmic messenger of Targon, heralding significant events that can reshape the world.

In the battlefields, Zoe is a burst mage who can single out vulnerable targets by locking them down with a skill and hitting them with a devastating barrage of damage from a range. Zoe excels in dealing damage, mobility, and crowd control. She’s a trickster that has a bag full of toys and traps. She can surround her enemies with balls, stars, and spells, turning the battlefield into her deadly playground.

Zoe possesses a skill kit that lets her rely on her skill shots, juking capabilities and the shards collected from her enemies. Such capabilities make her proficient as a lane roamer, picking on potential targets exceptionally squishy opponents to gank straight on.

To be able to utilize Zoe’s abilities, here are some tips and tricks that will help you to master this new champion.


More Sparkles

Passive - More Sparkles


Zoe’s passive is best reserved for both harassment and execution from the early game. You can use her ability, Paddle Star, to activate both her passive after casting and recasting the star.  

Paddle Star

Q - Paddle Star


This ability does more damage depending on how far it has flown in a straight line, so make sure to cast it at the target for a light chip spell which can be redirected if they dodge the blast. Cast it further away for a massive but less reliable nuke. Also remember that More Sparkles, alongside this skill, is the primary aggressive tool you can use against enemy champions.

Spell Thief

W - Spell Thief

There are over 40 spells and active items that can drop as a result of Spell Thief’s passive. So study enemy spells used in a match, and communicate with your allies to find out who has used spells in an attempt to collect the shards fallen in the lane.

Zoe can carry one shard at a time for 60 seconds, that’s why it’s better to plan the approach of each shard for aggressive, defense, or utility purposes.You can also use defense and utility shards in team fights to save allies from certain death.

Sleepy Trouble Bubble

E - Sleepy Trouble Bubble

Sleepy Trouble Bubble is Zoe’s unique crowd control ability. Targets which are afflicted by its “asleep” is similar to stun but instead receives double damage and wake up. Zoe can also use the bubble to travel far if it passes through terrain, making it the perfect ganking tool. It can also be planted into a bush for unaware enemy snare, and use it with a combo of Paddle Star for a quick high burst damage.

Portal Jump

R - Sleepy Trouble Bubble

As a mage, Zoey excels in ability power and roaming around the lane, looking for potential ganks. The item “Liandry’s Torment” synergies with this ability and gives Zoe extra damage.

You might also want to consider investing in movement speed boost type boots like Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility, and movement speed items like Luden’s Echo which can extend Paddle Star’s range, producing more damage output.


Lastly, remember that Zoe is all about synergy, so learn when to throw her skills and use the proper combos to deal great damage to enemies. Zoe is a great champion to use with Janna and Lulu but can be countered by champions like Zed, Ahri, Akali. However, she can quickly take out immobile champions like Annie and Karthus.

To check out her skills, Zoe is now available to play on LoL. All you need to do is update the game and your Garena program on your Microsoft Windows gaming PC or gaming laptop.

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