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Scariest Supernatural Entities in Video Games

Scariest Supernatural Entities

Photo Source: Silent Hill Wiki – Fandom

It’s November, the spookiest month of the year. And what better way to start this month than listing down some of the scariest entities in the video game world. By entity, we’re referring to supernatural creatures that aren’t monsters but are disembodied spirits or ghosts that are untouchable, and can’t be hurt by either guns or weapons, making scarier than any other zombies.

Here are six of our scariest supernatural entities:

Alma Wade from F.E.A.R.

Alma Wade from F.E.A.R.

Photo Source:

Alma Wade is the terrifying psychic girl who was the antagonist in the F.E.A.R. series. Her impressive ability to create illusions and cause gruesome carnage wherever she went makes her a robust supernatural force to reckon with. And although her appearance is that of a little girl, she can single-handedly vaporized an entire military unit, leaving only blood and skeletons in her wake.

Shibito from The Forbidden Siren

Shibito from The Forbidden Siren

Photo Source: Forbidden Siren Wiki – Fandom

Shibito are reanimated corpses, which unlike zombies, retained their sense of personality and intelligence. And if that is not enough to scare you, there are also different kinds of Shibito. This includes the Spider Shibito, who are characterized with long limbs that allow them walking on their back. The Fly Shibito, who have giant fly’s wings. The Maggot Shibito with a large maggot body with feelers and pads on its torso. And the Shibito Brain, a Shibito whose head has become a cluster of millipedes or has become a giant wasp abdomen.

Gatherers from Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Gatherers from Amnesia- The Dark Descent

Photo Source: Villains Wiki – Fandom

Gatherers are the grotesque, malformed servants that serve the Brennenburg’s Castle. They are said to be soldiers who abandoned their duty and got lost in the woods, damned to roam the grounds forever. They were described as horrid revenants, whose tainted souls have left them disfigured and empty of essence.

Slender Man from Slender

Slender Man from Slender

Photo Source: The Slender Man Wiki – Fandom

The Slender Man is one of the most popular paranormal figures in the web since CreepyPasta published stories about it. It was said that he was a faceless man with extremely long, slender arms and legs. He also happens to have 4 to 8 long, black tentacles that come out from his back. In 2012, Parsec Productions introduced Slender Man as the main antagonist of their horror video game for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops.

Kusabi from Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Kusabi from Fatal Frame II- Crimson Butterfly

Photo Source: Fatal Frame Wiki – Fandom

Kusabi is a powerful hostile spirit that was introduced in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. The Kusabi is the unfortunate soul who is killed as a sacrifice to buy time until the Crimson Sacrifice is held and brought about the Repentance. He was killed by being bound in the rope and suspended in the air by various mechanisms. The ropes were then pulled, tightening the binds and eventually breaking his bones. He now haunts as “The Folklorist” and torments the living.

Lisa from Silent Hill P.T.

Lisa from Silent Hill P.T.

Photo Source: Silent Hill Wiki – Fandom

Lisa is the ghost that appears in Silent Hill P.T. She was killed by her husband by shooting her in the right eye with a rifle and in the stomach while pregnant. Her apparition is that of a smiling woman, who is unusually tall and gaunt, and appears to be missing an eye. She wears a long grey nightgown which is covered in blood, mainly on her lower body near her stomach. She also emits a terrifying sound which is similar to hysterical sobbing and laughing.

The Artist’s Wife from Layers of Fear

The Artist's Wife from Layers of Fear

Photo Source: Windows Central

The Artist’s Wife is the primary antagonist in the psychological horror video game, Layers of Fear. She was verbally abused by her husband after she was burned in a fire accident, criticizing her disfigured appearance. His attitude towards her later implied that he was more in love with her beauty and her talent than her overall character. This later on led to her suicide. It appears that she haunts him in his psyche as he continues to create his Magnum Opus with her remains.


Out of these six supernatural entities, who do you think is the scariest of all? Do tell us in the comments below. Or share us which character do you think should have made it on our list.

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