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New Super Galaxy Skins for Gnar, Annie, Elise, and Nidalee

Riot has just added a new batch of skins for the Super Galaxy Theme which includes Super Galaxy Gnar, Super Galaxy Nidalee, Super Galaxy Annie, and Super Galaxy Elise. Featuring some high-tech effects, mecha-suit and neon flare, the new skins are ready to impress the crowd.

Let’s check them out:

Super Galaxy Gnar

Super Galaxy Gnar gives us a cool and futuristic look of tiny Gnar, complete with a mecha-pilot suit and shades. He also wields a laser gun which transforms into a boomerang and uses it as his choice of weapon. Once he transforms, he turns into this gigantic mech-like Gnar with horns and metal-steel body with white, gold, black, and blue undertones. The skin features all new VFX and SFX, and a new recall animation for both Tiny Gnar and Mega Gnar.

Super Galaxy Annie

Super Galaxy Annie and her mecha Tibbers are now a part of the Galactic Super Heroes to save the universe from evil-doers. The skin features Annie in a mecha suit with futuristic arm gears that helps her control her fire magic. She also carries a bear which transforms into a giant mecha robot also known as Tibbers. This Super Galaxy skin features all-new animations, VFX, and SFX which features futuristic sound effects for both Annie and Tibbers.

Super Galaxy Nidalee

Super Galaxy Nidalee is the shapeshifter member of the Galactic Super Heroes. As a bestial huntress, Nidalee wields a spear which she uses to hunt enemies. As a shapeshifter, Nidalee excels in the battlefield by transforming into a mecha-like cougar. This skin has an all-new model and textures, featuring Nidalee in her Super Galaxy uniform. It also has all-new animations and recalls for both her human and cougar form.

Super Galaxy Elise

Super Galaxy Elise is the Super Villain that our Galactic Super Heroes are trying to defeat. Armed with her spider senses and a horde of spiderlings, she aims to control the universe and eradicate the Galactic Super Heroes. The skin gives Elise new model and textures, as well as new VFX and SFX fit for being a supervillain. She also has a new recall animation where she sits on her throne just like a queen.


This new batch of Super Galaxy skins is now available in the game. League of Legends is free-to-download on Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops.

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