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League of Legends Pre-Season Update Includes New Runes to Improve Playstyle

Season 8 is about to end on November 8, 2017. And with that in mind, Riot has already given us a sneak peek of the changes we’re going to see next season. One of these updates includes the Rune Reforged update.

According to Riot, the game will now combine runes and masteries into a single, streamlined system which will let players adapt and customize their play style in each champion they select. Runes Reforged on Season 8 will concentrate on a player’s pre-game power into a focused set of options–known as a path.

Here are the most powerful runes known as keystones in each path.


Press the Attack

If the champion hero attacks the same champion with his/her basic attack, it grants endlessly stacking attack damage.

Lethal Tempo

After 1.5 seconds, damaging a champion will gain a large amount of attack speed. It also allows the champion to temporarily exceed the attack speed limit.

Fleet Footwork

Attacking and moving will build energy stacks. At 100 stacks, your next attack will heal your champion, and grant increased movement speed.



Hitting an enemy champion with 3 different abilities in 2 seconds will deal bonus magic damage.


It will add a useful boost to your champion’s boots which will grant a large boost of movement speed that will cause your next attack or spell to deal bonus damage.

Dark Harvest

It will cause champions, large minions, and large monsters to drop soul essence on earth. Touch souls that are absorbed will deal bonus damage on your champion’s next attack based on the total soul essence you have collected.


Summon Aerie

A champion’s attacks and abilities will send Aerie to a target, which will damage enemies or shield allies.

Arcane Comet

Hitting an enemy champion with a spell will cause a damaging comet to hurl at them.

Phase Rush

Hitting an enemy champion with 3 different abilities or attacks will grant your champion with a burst of Movement Speed.


Grasp of the Undying

Every 4 seconds, your champion’s next attack will deal bonus damage, heal you, and increase your health.


Right-clicking on your allied champion will grant you both a shield.


After immobilizing an enemy champion, you will automatically gain defense and later deal a burst of damage around you.


Glacial Argument

Your champion’s first attack against an enemy champion will slow them. Slowing champions with active items will allow you to shoot a freeze ray at them, creating a lingering slow zone.

Summoner Specialist

It allows you to get Summoner Shards which you can exchange at the shop to change your Summoner Spells.


If you want to check out League of Legends, you can download it for free at for Microsoft Windows gaming computers and laptops.


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