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New Champion Skins for Yi, Fiora, Janna, Yorick, and Singed

The 7.19 PBE cycle for League of Legends has finally been updated. Along with a new gameplay update for Xin Zhao and new summoner icons, the update also features the newest champion skins which include the new Immortal Journey skins for Fiora, Janna, and Yi, along with the new skins for Yorick and Singed called “Arclight Yorick” and “Beekeeper Singed.”

Let’s check them out:

Eternal Sword Yi

Eternal Sword Yi believes that a true master is an eternal student. Leaning upon the wind, he wields his magical blade to cut down his foes. The skin features an allnew model that allows Yi to take his mask off, with all new animations featuring Yi harnessing the power of the wind during the Highlander. The skin also has allnew VFX and SFX that features the sound of enchanted wind and blades.

Soaring Sword Fiora

Another champion to join the Immortal Journey is Soaring Sword Fiora. With precision and grace, she flies through battle and duels all who dare to oppose her by using her enchanted blade. The skin features an allnew model which features her in flowing garments that trail behind her as she cut through battle. Her new animations also show Fiora manifest new swords with every stab. Her new VFX includes multiple swords to duel multiple opponents, while her SFX features gorgeous sounds that match her skin’s elegance.

Sacred Sword Janna

Sacred Sword Janna is called upon to utilize its blade’s powerful magic to protect all that needs her. Her allnew model features Janna fashioned with flowing cloth and an enchanted koi companion. Her new animations include how she unleashes the power contained in her sacred sword. It also includes a new VFX in which Janna harnesses magic to blow away enemies in a flurry of water, the wind, and peach blossoms with her ultimate skill. Her new SFX, on the other hand, features the sounds of her serene and powerful magic.

Arclight Yorick

Arclight Yorick features an allnew model and textures for the Shepherd of Souls, as well as his Maiden of the Mist and her Mist Walkers. Its new particles feature Yorick with ascended, golden energy. While his new SFX includes righteous judgment rings in every spell, and his new recall animation shows Yorick crowns his lost queen.

Beekeeper Singed

Last but not the least is Beekeeper Singed. As it is all known to Runeterra, no man has ever been able to outrun Beekeeper Singed. His new skin features new models and textures, new particles, new SFX, and an allnew recall animation that also includes hilarious bee puns that you won’t get tired of.


These skins are now available in the game. League of Legends is a free-to-play game from Riot for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops.

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