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Best Heroes for Beginners in Paragon

Best Beginner Heroes in Paragon

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Being one of the first MOBA games to feature a third-person view gameplay, Epic Games’ Paragon is quickly gaining the attention of many players. Similar to other MOBA games, Paragon features several heroes, each with different abilities, that players can use. However, there are some built with skills that new players can easily manage to learn during their early games. And that’s what we’re going to list down today.

Here are five beginner heroes in Paragon:


Steel is perfect for new players who are looking for a durable hero that won’t easily die during a team fight. He is a melee tank who uses his skills to protect his allies. He has a shield which he can use to defensively block incoming attacks or offensively use it as a means of crowd control. This makes him a tough opponent in the battlefield. During late game, Steel’s ability to lock-down enemies is crucial, especially when initiating a team fight.


Rampage is a high-mobility melee tank that is durable yet elusive. This hero can operate best as an aggressive close-range attacker. He can engage enemies with ease, and if ever he gets in danger, he has an ability called Enrage which allows him to gain additional health and continue fighting. Rampage can be a dangerously tanky especially in late games, and with his ability Enrage, he’ll be able to fight for extended periods.


For support mains, Muriel is a ranged guardian who possesses the abilities to protect her allies from enemies. She has a skill called Consecrated Ground that can keep them alive while dealing AoE damage to enemies. Her Ultimate, Reversal of Fortune, will allow her to fly to her target ally to turn the tides of battle. During late game, Muriel becomes a pure support hero that can aid her team to victory.

Feng Mao

Feng Mao, also known as Arc Blade, is a melee fighter who is capable of engaging enemies at range, bursting down key targets, and diving enemy back lines. Aside from that, he also has a Conversion Shield that gives him a small shield which can mitigate some of the incoming damage. As the game goes, Feng Mao becomes of the game’s enemy damage dealers. He can easily dash in, slow down targets, and deliver devastating damage to squishy heroes.


Murdock, code name Price, is a ranger who relies on his basic attacks to deal high single target damage. A marauder, and attacker, his abilities can offer different types of utilities. Although Murdock can shoot slower compare to other Rangers, his can deal more damage. This allows him to secure his kill and be a significant part of any team. During late game, it will be best for Murdock to approach fights carefully, and weigh the threats to successfully eliminate his enemy.


So what do you think about these heroes? If you haven’t played Paragon yet and would like to try them out, the game is free to play and download for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops.

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