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The Scariest Video Game Bosses

scariest video game bosses

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Let’s be honest; the final boss holds a significant factor in making a game successful. Whether it’s the monster’s storyline, boss encounter, or difficulty, we all love a great boss that can bring fear into our hearts and challenged our gaming abilities. That’s why for today, we’re listing down seven of the scariest video game bosses we all have loved and feared, and their games that we still continue to play in our gaming PC.

Walter Sullivan from The Silent Hill 4: The Room

Walter Sullivan

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The final boss of Silent 4 is an otherworldly incarnation called The Conjurer, who happens to be Water Sullivan’s real body. This monster was created from Walter’s own remains. Its appearance is that of a monstrous, humanoid corpse draped in gray and rotten flesh that doesn’t quite fit over its body correctly. If that is not enough to freak you out, this monster also happens to be suspended from the ceiling by chains.

The Sorrow from Metal Gear Solid 3

The Sorrow

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The Sorrow is one of the antagonists you will meet in Metal Gear Solid when Snake encounters a near-to-death experience. He is Cobra Unit’s spirit medium soldier, gifted with psychic powers. That means he has the ability to summon the dead.

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2

Pyramid Head

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Also known as “The Red Thing” and “Bogeyman,” Pyramid Head is no doubt one of the most iconic monsters in video games. Pyramid Head is portrayed as the franchise most violent monster. In all forms, the Pyramid Head’s appearance is that of a large, muscular human with a triangle-shaped metal head with sharp right angles. He also wields a large sword known as the Great Knife.

The Keeper from The Evil Within

The Keeper

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The Keeper is like Pyramid’s younger brother, who also happens to be freakily scary. Also known for his other name “Boxhead,” he is one of the main protagonists from The Evil Within. His appearance is that of a tall humanoid that resembles a butcher and wears a safe for a head. He wields a large meat tenderizer hammer with a spike on the opposite side.

The Groom from Outlast: Whistleblower

The Groom

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Eddie Gluskin, more commonly known as “The Groom,” is the primary antagonist of Outlast: Whistleblower. He is a Variant who ruthlessly pursued Waylon Park, with the intention of making the guy his wife. He seems to have a split personality, having a misleadingly kind nature at first, but if rejected can become extremely violent and insulting. He also is very interested in turning men into women. In this process, he removes a man’s penis, testicles, and excess body hair, and then add parts to turn them into a woman like stuffing the body to create “breasts.”

High Lord Wolnir from Dark Souls 3

High Lord Wolnir

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Wolnir is the boss enemy in Dark Souls 3. He is a large skeleton imbued in deadly darkness and commands an army of skeletons to his defense. Upon interacting with the grim chalice, the player will be set into the Abyss, where they must defeat this terrifying monster. It was said that Wolnir was once a mighty warrior that brought all the lords of Carthus bend to their knees.

Laura Creature from The Evil Within

Laura Creature

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The Laura Creature also knew as Reborn Laura is a monster born from the memory of Laura’s tragic death and Ruvik’s vengefulness. She is nearly immune to bullets which make her extremely a tough enemy to defeat. And most of all, this monster has the appearance of a mutated spider-like humanoid covered in blood too, making her my top choice for this list.

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