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Paragon New Ranged Carry Hero: Drongo

Paragon New Hero Drongo

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Paragon is adding a new hero to the game’s roster, a Marauder named Drongo. Also known as the “master of the scrapyard,” this ranged attacker has the right tool for every situation. Although living in the chemical wastes of Omeda has affected his mind, this only made Drongo more fearless and has given him a keen sense for blowing things up.

Let’s check out this video of Drongo:


RMB – Old Rusty

Drongo throws his boomerang, dealing damage and slowing enemies that are hit. The boomerang will deal damage on its way out and when it returns to him.

Q – Gag Grenade

Drongo throws a tear gas grenade to a target location, and upon exploding it will create a silence field. Upon the effect, enemies will not be able to use their abilities inside the gas field.

E – Rad Rounds

Drongo loads his revolver with Uranium bullets. Landing attacks will apply stacking radiation, which deals burst damage after a short delay.

R – Shrapnel Cannon

Drongo unleashes his cannon full of shrapnel, which deals a huge burst in front of him which shreds armor and knock back nearby enemies. The blast is so powerful that even Drongo is knocked by by this ability.


Drongo was released on August 29, and you can play him for free. If you want to check out his abilities, Paragon is a MOBA game developed by the same the creator of Unreal Engine 4, Epic Games. It is free-to-download for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops, as well as PlayStation 4.

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