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Paladins New Damage Champion: Strix, the Ghost Feather

New Champion Strix

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After the release of Jenos, The Ascended, Paladins is back with a new damage champion: Strix, the Ghost Feather. In the open beta 57 patch notes, Strix abilities were released according to his Legendaries and Cards. He also happens to be the first bolt action sniper and the first champion with toggle stealth.

Here’s Strix ability breakdown:



Talon Rifle

Strix wields the Talon Rifle which fires 1300 damage shot every second. He also possesses a semiautomatic pistol that deals 250 damage per shot.



The Scope allows Strix to look down his scope and gain pin point accuracy. It fires a flare that reveals enemies in a large radius.


Side Arm

His semi-automatic pistol that deals 250 damage per shot.


He fires a flare that reveals enemies in a large radius.


Quick Switch

Quick Switch allows Strix to change from his Talon Rifle to Sidearm and vice versa.



Strix enters into stealth mode and hides from vision. While in Stealth, his energy is consumed. Taking any 500 or more damage will automatically cancel Stealth.


Flash Bang

Flash Bang is an area damage ultimate. Strix throws a flash bang grenade that detonates on contact, binding enemies for 3 seconds. This skill has a large range, but sharp falloff.


Want to try Strix skills and study his gameplay? Paladins is a free-to-play team-based shooter game from Hi-Rez Studios which you can download for your Microsoft Windows gaming PCs or laptops on Steam.

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