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Aiming’s New MMORPG: Caravan Stories

Caravan Stories

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Aiming, the developer of the popular mobile RPG Logres is currently developing a cross-platform PC and mobile MMORPG named Caravan Stories. In a trailer that was released in August, it shows an anime-styled 3D world that many have noted to have similarities with Dragon Quest.

It was announced that the game currently has six playable races, namely Human, Elf, Orc, Dwarf, Lizardman, and Gessy, which are animal-like humanoids. These races co-exist together in the game world together; players from different races will have different starting zones and stories. However, the Lizardman race will not be available at launch, and players will have to wait for a future game update following the game’s main storyline.

The main plot talks about the appearance of a gate called the “Enigma,” where evil forces are coming from to destroy the world. Players must be able to work together to defend their land from this grave threat.

Caravan Stories Characters

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In the game, the player is allowed to bring along a party of six; each party consisting of 3 players. This means a group can have a total of 18 characters when going to raids or boss fights. Such feature allows the player to interact with many players as possible, and be able to work together to achieve a goal and defeat harder enemies that won’t be possible to accomplish in a small party. This is also the system found in Logres.

Another feature from Logres that will be brought into Caravan’s gameplay is the function to spectate boss fights. According to the developer, this feature is added to help players learn strategies from others.

Caravan Stories Gameplay

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But the best feature the game has to offer for new players is the “caravans,”  a type of transport/mobile base with houses production facilities, which players can build and customized to travel. These caravans can also be used in battles and can be customized with firearms and visual appearance. To think of it, these vehicles are like moving, fighting houses.

And speaking of these caravans, the game has a PvP mode called “Coliseum” in which players set up a team of 10 to defend their caravan or destroy the opponents. This mode was described by the developers as something similar to a tower defense. Battles are said to be asynchronous, but future updates might lead to real-time system activated.

For now, Aiming, Inc. aims to launch the game in Japan next year. But as to when the game will be released worldwide, guess we’ll have to wait for it. All we know is that players will be able to download the game in their PC or gaming laptop, as well as Android phones, and iPhones.

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