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New League of Legends Game Mode: Invasion


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Along with the release of the new Star Guardian skins, Riot has also introduced the newest game mode in League of Legends: Invasion. It is a Star Guardian themed PvE co-op game mode that will introduce new enemies and exciting gameplay.

Invasion is a five player PvE mode on a brand new series of maps. It lets you form a squad of your favorite Star Guardians, and defend the Valoran City Park from a series of invading space monsters, culminating in a large Boss Fight.

The game mode is made up of a series of 7 different encounters, which is then followed by a Boss Fight against “The Big One.” They come in four major varieties: Survival, Escape, Defense, and Boss.

Invasion Gameplay

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During Survival, players must defeat all enemies. Each wave will end as soon as the last enemy is slain.

The next encounter, Escape, is where players need to get to the escape point. As soon as one of the players reach the escape point,  the entire team will instantly win.

Defense, on the other hand, traps players inside the Star Guardian Protective Shield. Players should be able to hold back attackers without leaving its confines.  While in this encounter, you and your teammates must be able to defeat all enemies to progress. Players should also remember that leaving the shield will cause them to take damage.

Invasion Monsters

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Last but not the least, the Boss is where players should defeat “The Big One,” a gargantuan monster that will fire projectiles, summon allies, and can cause the ground to rupture.

Between each encounter, the players will be given a flat amount of Gold and a Level and will have time to purchase items. When the players are ready to move on, all they have to do is channel their energy on the giant star in the middle of the area.

The Invasion is now available to play on League of Legends, so make sure to update it on your PC and gaming laptops.

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