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League of Legends New Champion: Ornn, The Fire Below The Mountain

Orrn, The Fire Below the Mountain

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Kayn might have just been released last June, but Riot is already back with a new champion. Ornn is the newest champion to join the League of Legends. It is stated in his description that he is a demi-god who dwells in solitude beneath an ancient volcano. After sensing the trouble above, Ornn has decided it was the right time to once again meddle in mortal affairs.

Let’s check out his abilities:


Passive: Living Forge and Master Craftsman

Ornn’s has two passive skills: Living Forge and Master Craftsman. Living Forge allows Ornn to spend gold to forge items for himself anytime he’s out of combat. Ornn can also open a shop to build any items he wants.

Master Craftsman, on the other hand, allows Ornn and his teammates to have access to special upgrades for selected items in the shop.

Q: Volcanic Rupture

Volcanic Rupture will cause Ornn to slam the ground, sending out a fissure that deals physical damage and slows enemies. After a small delay, there will be a magma pillar that forms at the target location, functioning as a little wall for a few seconds.

W: Bellows Breath

Bellows Breath

Bellows Breath allows Ornn to become unstoppable, shielding himself, and belching out flames. These flames will deal a portion of the enemy’s current health as magic damage. Enemies that will be struck by the final gout of flame will become Brittle.  And Ornn’s basic attacks knock back Brittle targets.

Brittle also causes enemies to suffer a portion of their maximum health as bonus damage when struck by immobilizing effects.

E: Searing Charge

Searing Charge

Ornn charges towards a direction, dealing damage to enemies that he passes through. If Ornn collides with terrain while charging, the impact will create a shockwave that deals damage and knocks up enemies. It can also destroy player-created terrain.

R: Call of the Forge God

Call of the Forge God

Ornn’s ultimate skill allows him to summon a massive fire elemental at a target collection.It then travels toward him with increasing speed. Enemies who are run over by the elemental will take magic damage and become Brittle.

If Ornn strikes the elemental, he’ll be able to redirect it. The redirected elemental will then be able to knock up the enemies, dealing the same damage and applying the Brittle.


Ornn is a powerful leader on the battlefield. He can initiate fights on his terms, charge in, and tear apart his foes. If you want to try him out in the battlefield, he is now available to play. Just download League of Legends on your gaming PC, or update the program if it is already installed.

What do you think of this new champion?

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