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Smite New God Reveal: Artio, The Bear Goddess

Artio - The Bear Goddess

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Hi-Rez Studios reveals the newest Celtic Goddess to join Smite’s roster of mythical heroes: Artio, The Bear Goddess. Known as the constellation Ursa Major, she is the guardian of the cycle, the balance of things. However, Artio must descend from her celestial realm for war looms around the corner, threatening to destroy the balance she protects.

In Smite, Artio is a magical Guardian goddess who excels in melee-ranged combat and has a skill kit build for high crowd control. She is also a Stance Switcher, one of the few gods who can switch from one form to another.

Let’s check out her abilities:


Passive – Decompose


The Enemy Gods hit by Artio’s Druid or Bear Abilities will begin to decay. This effect will decrease their Physical and Magical Protections. Its effect can stack up to 8 times.

1st Ability – Energy Surge (Maul)

Energy Surge (Maul)

Energy Surge causes Artio to pulse out a strong wave of energy which damages enemies. For each enemy hit by this ability, it will cause her to heal herself and allies near her.

In Bear Form, Maul causes Artio to slash twice with her claws, damaging enemies with each swipe.

2nd Ability – Entangling Vines (Ferocious Roar)

Entangling Vines (Ferocious Roar)

Entangling Vines when activated causes Artio to create a thicket of vines around herself which can cripple enemy Gods and decrease their magical or physical power as long as they are in the area.

Ferocious allows Artio to let out a ferocious roar in her bear form which can stun all nearby enemies. It also increases her own physical and magical protection for a short duration of time.

3rd Ability – Life Tap (Heavy Charge)

Life Tap (Heavy Charge)

In Druid stance, Life Tap causes Artio to channel for 2 seconds, draining the life from her enemies. While channeling she deals damage to her enemies up to 5 times and heals herself with the same amount. Each hit will also slow her enemies and cause them to be rooted for 1 second.

While in Bear Form, Artio charges forward at an increased movement speed for 3 seconds. Enemies she charges through will take damage and are slowed for 2 seconds.

4th Ability – Shapeshift


When activated, Artio shape-shifts between her Druid stance and Bear stance.

In its passive state, it causes Artio to become invigorated every time she hits an enemy, giving her an increase in movement speed.


Artio is now available to play in Smite. You can try her abilities by downloading the game on Steam for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops.

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