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Riot Is Giving Summoner’s Rift a New Arcade Theme

New Arcade Theme Summoner's Rift

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If there is one thing I love about League of Legends developer Riot, it is that they never ran out of ideas to keep their players interested. This includes their ability to implement new game plays and themes in their classic map: Summoner’s Rift.

And just last month, Riot gave us a sneak peek of the Arcade Map Accent for Summoner’s Rift. The Arcadethemed Summoner’s Rift features a new look for the home platform, nexus, and turrets. In fact, the map even features arcade-styled minions!

New Summoner's Rift

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The Arcade-theme map is not an entire skin though, as Riot has confirmed, it is just a Map Accent; something between a full map skin and a flavor piece. In an article posted in, Riot stated the following features of the new Map accent which include:

  • An Arcade-Themed Turret, Inhibitor and Nexus Skins
  • Arcade Props which includes adorable Pixel Poros
  • Top, Mid and Bottom Lane center decals
  • Arcade Minion Skins
  • Custom level-up and last hit sounds
  • Arcade-themed music

Riot also discussed that they have implemented a Disable Toggle for this map accent. This means players can decide whether they want to apply the map accent or not via the Video Options menu.

Let’s take a look:

The Arcade Map Accent is now available on the PBE for testing. It came out along with the new Battle Boss skins, so make sure to check it out and update your League of Legends program in your gaming PC or laptop.

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