Upcoming Paladins Champion: Jenos, The Ascended

Paladins Champion Jenos

Photo Source: Eclypsia.com

A new champion has arrived in the battlefields of Paladins. Jenos, The Ascended, has come down from the mountaintop to finally confront and put an end to the aggressors of the world below. By wielding the celestial weapon Star Splitter, this new support can soar through the battlefield by utilizing his long lasting heals, powerful abilities, and tide-turner ultimate skill.

Let’s check out Jenos’ champion teaser video:


Star Splitter

Star Splitter

Star Splitter is Jenos’ primary attack. It is also the name of his otherworldly weapon which channels the power of the stars. This basic attack can deal 120 damage every .13 seconds at medium range.

Astral Mark

Astral Mark

Astral Mark when activated, applies a heavenly blessing through all obstacles. It heals 250 health every second for 10 seconds. Allies are also affected and will have a green lotus flower mark shown above their head.

Void Grip

Void Grip


Void Grip causes Jenos to channel gravitational energy and lift an enemy up. The action deal 150 damage every second for 2.5 seconds. If the victim moves while being lifted, it will interrupt the Void Grip.

While using this skill, Jenos cannot use his abilities or fire for the duration.

Stellar Wind

Stellar Wind

Stellar Wind allows Jenos to lower his weapon and move 75% faster while increasing his jump height and reducing your fall speed. However, any firing or reloading will cancel Stellar Wind.

Through Time and Space

Through Time and Space

Through Time and Space is Jenos ultimate skill. Once activated, it locks Jenos in place and allows him to gather the power of the cosmos for 1.5 seconds becoming CC immune. He then unleashes his energy in a long range blast that pierces through all obstacles which deal 2400 damage.


Want to try Jenos’ gameplay? You can download Paladins on Steam for your Microsoft Windows gaming laptop or PC. It is free-to-play hero shooter video game from Hi-Rez Studios.

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