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Famfrit Raiding – Interview with Phoenix Group

A new dance, a new journey, and a new raid, Phoenix Group is the first group on Famfrit to perfect the dance and go the distance in clearing the first tier of Omega!  I caught up with them to get some words about how they felt after beating NEO.

(From their O3S Clear)

Congratulations!  How’s it feel to be server first?

(Flara Starburst) It’s super exciting to be server first for the tier. At first I was a bit upset with seeing so many clear o1s in pf, it worried me the content would be snoozeville but I was pleased with the later floors. Crazy to think back in Gordias I didn’t even raid and now I can say I cleared all the content of a tier before any other group on our server.

(Mike Zulu) Thank you! It feels good. It was definitely something we sought out to do and in the past work schedules or other responsibilities would get in the way.

(Ahri) I suppose since it’s the first time I’ve been server first I’d be lying to say it didn’t feel good. Just a bummer that shenanigans happened in every other group who was gonna challenge us so it was kind of a walk into server first, to take nothing away from having finished the tier in good timing (27 total hours of prog across all fights).

(Ethereal Nijix) Yes.

(Auri Kiwi) Feelsgoodman

(Goofy Brah) Neat

(Flyan Fang) Feels good but it kinda fell within my expectation as there’s no real competitors around on Famfrit.

What did all of you think of the raid tier?

(Flara) I suppose this tier is a nice intro to the expansion and future floors. Clearing all 4 floors in under two weeks is a bit shocking to think about still. I really liked learning the last two floors though. The mechanics are crazy and some were presented in new ways to liven things up. I love how busy o3 and o4 are. I think o3s is my favorite fight to date.

(Mike) This raid tier was fun. Maybe a little too easy but I definitely feel the progression of difficulty was fair and done right. O4S I felt was the hardest I have come across for progression on all the raid tiers. Before I could just sit in tank stance and still make dps checks. Though on O4S I felt I had to optimize dps as a tank to the best of my ability in order to beat enrage which may be lack of gear or expereince in the fight. Even though I do like to optimize damage it was higher stakes because it meant clearing O4S on week 2 and getting server first.

(Ahri) I actually enjoy it. The only fun parts of Creator (A11 mechanics dancing, Holy Bleed) were just skipped in good groups near BiS. In the end, I really just enjoyed traps and raiding with my group, not the raids themselves. o1 is lame but entry-level fight so I’ll give ’em a hall pass. o4 and to an extent Day 1/2 o3 gave me a taste of the hard-fought, hard-earned, hard-enrage race I’ve been craving since A3S days.

(Nijix) I enjoyed the new mechanics from all of the fights, except for O1S (the fight is literally just normal mode without walls). This tier felt a lot more like Coil, from back in the day, with the amount of team mechanics we were required to perform.

(Kiwi) I think this tier was amazing. the last time iIve had this much hype clearing savage was back in turn 13. Also I think os1 and os2 were a bit too easy but I guess that’s fine.

(Goofy) Fun

(Fang) #deleteexdeath The mechs are super fun and prohgging feels much more interests than it felt in tier 3.4. The overall difficulty has gone down further tho.

What’s next for everyone?

(Flara) We’re going to enjoy toying with optimizing/speedkills while we bide our time for super savage. The anticipation has been killing me since it was mentioned! I, as per usual, will probably be seen subbing for various groups and living in pf trap parties teaching some poor soul the content in my spare time until then.

(Mike) I don’t know everyone’s plans. But I would like to do speed runs and try super savage whatever that is going to be. I hope you can earn some titles by clearing that.

(Ahri) As a raid group? Optimization and Kihra’s fflogs challenges. Otherwise, just gonna be enjoying other things with my time until Super Savage.

(Nijix) AFK until super savage.

(Kiwi) We haven’t discussed that yet but I’m guessing farming to get everyone BiS gear so we can optimize and speed run things! Also I want my stolen mount from Flara xD

(Goofy) Dunno

(Fang) Super Savage I guess.

Any shoutouts?

(Flara) Shoutout to Famfrit! A server first clear of o4s in 2 weeks is great for the server in general. I love seeing that our community has really picked up in the raid scene. Shoutout to Sovereign! Best FC ever, even if I am a bit biased. Shoutout to all the peeps that watched our streams during our prog and clears, cheering us on as we went. We appreciate all the support given to us through the tier. Also, shoutout to Nijix for being a good sport and not tilting off the face of the planet after we killed him in every clear for each floor.

(Mike) Good job team!

(Ahri) The Balance discord for being a great community to collect and optimize thoughts between everything from elites to casuals.

(Nijix) A huge shoutout to all my viewers that supported us on Twitch! Much love!

(Kiwi) Shoutouts to everyone in phnx group for keeping their cool especially on our last raid night. GJ guys

(Goofy) Nah

(Fang) So proud of the team.

(From their O4S Clear)

This interview was conducted by Genos Axel of Famfrit.

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