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7 Things to Know About League’s Kayn, The Shadow Reaper

Kayn The Shadow Reaper

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Early in July, Riot finally released the newest champion to join the fight in the fields of Summoner’s Rift. Kayn is also known as The Shadow Reaper is a peerless practitioner of lethal shadow magic, a notable member of the Order of Shadow.

And as a new champion, we decided to create a list of trivia about Kayn:


Kayn is the seventh dark-themed Ionian afflicted champion Shen, Varus, Syndra, Xayah, and Jhin. However, he is actually of Noxian heritage.


He is the second-known member from the Order of the Shadow, a new ninja order started by Zed. An order that believes in the edict that they must perfect one’s technique, and kill all ninjas who refuse to accept the shadow.


Kayn also happens to be one of the fourteen champions that don’t use any ability power similar to Garen, Darius, Illaoi, Kalista, Xayah, Vayne, and Zed.


Kayn’s birth name is Shieda which came from the Proto-Germanic nouns “segiþo.” The word when translated into English means scythe. His surname Kayn is likely to be derived from the Bible character Cain, which has the Semitic root q-y-n means “smith.”


It is said that Kayn is a possible reference to the anime character Ling Yao from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Both characters have similarities when it comes to the entities that live inside them which vies control of their bodies. Kayn has the Darkin inside while Ling Yao has the Greed a Homunculus.


It was rumored that Kayn’s appearance pays homage to Devil May Cry’s twin protagonists, Dante and Virgil. Meanwhile, Rhaast, the Darkin inside Kayn, resembles Dante’s Devil Trigger forms.


Kayn’s first skin is Soulhunter Kayn. He shares this theme with Soulstealer Vayne and Soulstealer Vladimir.


Kayn is the newest champion in League of Legends, a free MOBA game for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops. He is a Shadow Reaper who is also known as the wielder of The Darkin Scythe called Rhaast and comes by the alias The Shadow Assassin.

This champion is now available to play in League of Legends.

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