Paragon New Hero Reveal Zinx

By far, Paragon is one of the few MOBA games which quickly releases heroes from time to time. And just weeks after Wraith and Wukong were introduced, comes a new hero in the roster, Zinx. After futile attempts to create the ideal specimen, the 348th attempt was a success, and thus Zinx was born into the world.

Zinx is a durable ranged-type attacker who can control and siege in the battlefield with the help of her skills. She is able to utilize her mana to be extremely durable and can deal lethal damage over time to her enemies.



Pistol Shot is a ranged basic attack which deals major attack damage. It is Lian’s primary attack.


Zinx charges her gun to create an AoE field of energy on the ground in front of her. Bad Medicine can be discharged early to create a smaller area.


Kitty Claws when toggled, allows Zinx to apply a damage over time effect, which can be stacked.


Ricochet Stun is a medium range projectile that bounces around nearby enemies, stunning them in the same process. The stun duration will increase for each enemy hit.


In its passive state, Zinx will gain bonus mana regen, which is based on a percentage of her missing mana.

When toggled, Dirty Healing when activated, Zinx will immediately heal 50% of the damage taken which cost mana instead.


Want to try Zinx’s abilities and her gameplay? Paragon is free-to-play and features a unique third-person perspective setup. It is created by Epic Games using their own Unreal Engine 4 and was released in March 2016 for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops.

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