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Famfrit Raiding – Omega Savage

Congratulations to Phoenix Group for being Server First in this first tier of Omega Savage!  May luck be with you in the raids to come!

(Chart Graphic Credit to Kunuma Tenebrae)

Phoenix Group’s Roster:
Auri Kiwi (PLD)
Mike Zulu (DRK)
Ahri’qi Sxumim’vre (AST)
Flyan Fang (WHM)
Ethereal Nijix (MNK)
Goofy Brah (NIN)
Flara Starburst (BRD)
Relicus Ashborne (RDM)

With the closure of the progression thread on the official forums, we would like to take this time to thank Jess OK for her work over the years and for keeping the thread up even when there was a downturn in Famfrit’s raiding community.  Also thank you to Kunuma Tenebrae for taking up the mantle of making the graphic and for keeping the spirit of the original chart in tact.

Shoutout to all the individuals who have been using the party finder for their clears.  We understand that there are a lot of you who have been clearing on party finder and we wanted to at least recognize all of you collectively.  There are a few of you who are close to clearing Neo Exdeath and we wish you good luck on the clear and on the loot.  For those of you stuck on O3S, you are a weapon away from the clear.

For statics to get on the chart this time around we required at least an Omega 2 Savage clear.  For group names, we used FFLogs and their system while some people gave us screenshots for clear confirmation and their static’s names to put on the chart.  As far as group naming, only a couple of groups had existing names from the previous chart and FFLogs did not have their new names so we stuck with the old one.  There is a link that can take you to the rankings on the server.

We will also have an interview in the coming days with Phoenix so stay tuned!  The next update will be when Super Savage comes out.


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  1. My group and I cleared some of the omega content as well. We dont use fflogs though. We’re on ps4s so fflogs isn’t something we can do. I can prove it though with a screen shot or whatever else you may suggest.

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