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New Paragon Heroes Revealed: Wukong and Wraith

new paragon heroes

Photo Source: Epic Games

Epic Games MOBA game Paragon has just added two new heroes to their roster: Wukong and Wraith. These two heroes add an exciting twist to the battlefield with their unique skills and engaging gameplay.

Let’s check them out!



Photo Source: Epic Games

Wukong is a marauder and attacker, and a deadly elusive melee carry hero that is capable of farming faster than any other hero.

He has a skill called Control Aggression that allows him to swap between an offensive and evasive stance. His abilities will have different effects based on which stance he’s in. Wukong also has a skill called Cloud Walker which allows him to walk on air after a double jump. This ability works as a mobility tool that works great for navigating team fights and traversing terrain. His last ability, 84,000 Hairs, allows Wukong to create a clone of himself when striking minion, hero, or structure. This allows him to quickly cut through his enemies especially when paired with Control Aggression.

To play Wukong, the player must be mindful of which stance he should use. Wukong’s offensive stance will let him fight enemies but provides no means of escape, while his evasive stance allows you to remain elusive but offers no damage. With Wukong, it is all about precision and patience.



Photo Source: Epic Games

Wraith is an attacker and controller, who happens to be a graduate of the special operations program Echelon. As a recon specialist, Wraith is equipped with high-tech tools to gather intel on his targets and outmaneuver his enemies.

His skills include Who’s There, which allows him to launch a Sonar Ward that pings its location to reveal any enemy Heroes nearby. This skill also has no line-of-sight restrictions. His second skill, Back It Up!, marks an enemy Hero and allows Wraith to warp them back to where they were moments ago. His ultimate ability, Surprise, Suprise allows Wraith to send himself and nearby allies into the Shadow Plane which gives them a movement speed boost.

Wraith can also be a powerful ganker and elusive, a ranged-type hero that works smoothly with his allies.


Wukong and Wraith are now available to play. If you want to check them out, Paragon is Epic Games’ first MOBA video game with a unique third-person perspective. This game was released for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops in 2016.

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