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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About League of Legends Champions

League of Legends

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League of Legends has been around for seven years now, releasing game modes, updating its visuals, and introducing us to over a hundred of impressive champions. These characters all have unique in-game abilities and compelling lores. That’s why for today, we came up with a list of facts about some of League’s finest champions.

Let’s see if you know them:



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The Grand Duelist Fiora was actually inspired by a famous fencing master Fiore Dei Liberi, whose fencing was mostly influenced by martial arts. His illuminated manuscripts about fencing have survived for 600 years.


Did you know that Blitzcrank actually runs a dating service in his spare time? In the Journal of Justice, it was mentioned that the golden golem runs a chain of magic cafes where he offers “Fleshling Compatibility Services” where champions can engage in “instantaneous dating.”


Zilean, The Chronokeeper, is actually named after one of Riot’s game designer director Tom “Zileas” Cadwell. Before joining Riot, Cadwell has worked for Blizzard as a designer on World of Warcraft and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.



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If you’re wondering why Tristana’s Buster Shot seems so familiar, well it’s because it is actually an homage to our favorite Capcom character MegaMan.



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Many don’t notice this but when you play Malphite and use his skill “Ground Slam,” you’ll see that the fist imprinted on the ground is actually Riot’s logo.


Aatrox is a champion inspired by Lord of The Rings villains. According to Riot Senior Animator Mike Laygo, who also worked on the Lord of the Rings games, Aatrox’s animations were actually inspired by Sauron and Balrog.


Twisted Fate

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PAX Twisted Fate is the rarest skin in the game. The skin was given out at one of League of Legends very first conventions, during the time that it was not yet popular. So only a few people who attended the game actually has the code for this skin.


Ever wonder where Jinx got her weird dance moves? Well, Youtube Gamer ZenofireX has figured it out by creating a side by side comparison that shows Jake from Adventure Time and Jinx dancing to the beat of the same drummer. Who knew?


Did you know that Vi was initially designed as a derby doll? According to a senior animator from Riot, in Vi’s original design, she was actually named Ruby and was described as a law enforcer who captures criminals with the help of her rollerskates.



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Everyone knows that Braum has a special place in the hearts of Poros, League of Legends most-loved creatures. But did you know that if you feed the Poros with Poro-Snax while using Braum as your champion, they will sprout mustaches similar to Braum’s? How cute is that?


League of Legends is an MOBA game developed by Riot and was released in October 2009 for Microsoft Windows PC or gaming laptop. You can download it free on Garena or at

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