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League of Legends Releases New Champion: Kayn, The Shadow Reaper

League of Legends finally reveals their newest champion, Kayn, The Shadow Reaper.

Shieda Kayn, The Shadow Reaper, is a peerless practitioner of the lethal shadow magic. He Wielding an ancient weapon known as Rhaast, he battles to one day lead the Order of the Shadow.

Let’s check out his abilities:


Passive: The Darkin Scythe

Kayn wields an ancient weapon which he uses to fight the darkin within, Rhaast, for control. During each game, one can consume the other. Kayn uses his shadow skills to hunt ranged opponents, while Rhaast fuels his bloodlust to battle with melee enemies. If Kayn wins the struggle, he becomes the shadow assassin. But if Rhaast succeeds, the darkin consumes his host and controls it.

In Shadow Assassin mode, deals bonus magic damage during the first few seconds of the fight.

In Darkin mode, Kayn can heal for a chunk of all spell damage dealt with champions.

Q: Reaping Slash

Kayn dashes forward at the targeted direction, striking nearby enemies at the end of the dash, which deals physical damage. It also deals bonus damage to monsters.

In Darkin Mode, this ability deals bonus percent health damage against all enemies except for minions.

W: Blade’s Reach

Kayn deals damage in a line that significantly slows all enemies hit.

In Shadow Assassin mode, Kayn leaves behind a living shadow that casts Blade’s Reach in Kayn’s stead. This living shadow’s Blade also has an increased range.

In Darkin form, Blade’s Reach can briefly knock up struck enemies.

E: Shadow Step

Kayn gains movement speed and the ability to walk through walls for a few moments. When he first enters a wall, he will heal for a small amount, and the duration of Shadow Step will be significantly extended.

In Shadow Assassin, Kayn gains additional movement speed, and immunity slows when activating this skill.

R: Umbral Trespass

Kayn infests any nearby enemy champion who he has recently hit and damaged. Trespassing into a champion makes Kayn invulnerable for a few seconds. Reactivating the ability during this period will end the effect early. Kayn wrenches himself free from the victim’s body and deals a burst of damage.

In Shadow Assassin, Umbral Trespass can be cast from a range and resets the bonus magic damage from The Darkin Scythe after Kayn’s exits his victim.

In Darkin form, this ability deals extra damage as a percentage of the victim’s maximum health, healing the Darkin in the process.


League of Legends is a free-to-play MOBA game for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops.

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