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The Best Mage Gods to Use in Smite

In Smite, each god and goddesses fall into one of the five categories: warriors, hunters, assassins, guardians, and mages. Mages happen to be one of the best classes due to the fact their magical ability-based skills that excel in crowd control and high burst damage.

That’s why for today, we’re naming our top 5 picks of Smite mages:


Freya, The Queen of the Valkyries, is a melee magical fighter that can deliver high area damage, and skill set to aid her allies in clashes and provide crowd control. Unlike other gods, Freya has an engaging mix of magical and physical attack, making her both a mage and an ADC. Likewise, the player must be flexible in building her items which should boost her magical capabilities and attack speed.



Thoth, the Arbiter of the Damned, is the one who holds all the knowledge, wisdom, and power of the world in his book. In Smite, Thoth is a ranged magical god who can deliver high area damage, providing a great addition to any team. Playing Thoth means you should be able to deal with enemies from a safe distance, destroying them through your powerful attacks.


Janus, the God of Portals and Transitions, is a ranged magical god that boasts of his high mobility and high area damage. He has the ability to create portals that serve as passages. He and his allies can use these passages to position themselves during team fights and an ultimate skill that let him blast a multi-dimensional energy ball across the field, dealing immense damage on his enemies.


Scylla, the Horror of the Deep, is another ranged, magical creature which was said to be made from the nightmares of all men. Using her dog-headed tentacles, Scylla can terrorize her enemies in the battlefield and deal high area damage. She can also use these tentacles to move gracefully on the battlefield, giving her high mobility.

Ao Kuang

Ao Kuang is the regal and powerful Dragon-God who can command the storms and tides with a flick of his claw. In Smite, he is a magical melee mage who boasts of his high single target damage, allowing him to easily win in one-on-one fights. By wielding his mighty sword and using his water illusions, Ao Kuang rules the battlefield as the King of the Eastern Sea.


Want to check the abilities of these gods and goddesses in the battlefield? Well, Smite is a free-to-download third-person view MOBA game for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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