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The Deep End Games Releases Its First Horror Video Game: Perception

Independent game developer Deep End Games was first featured in one of IGN’s coverage, telling the story of the married couple Amanda and Bill Gardner working on a video game together in an indie studio in their home. Their development team consists of developers who worked on BioShock and Dead Space. And just this May 30, 2017, they finally released their first game with the title “Perception.”

The game’s development first started in 2014, and a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign was launched in May 2015, concluding a month later to continue the game’s further development. It was already released on Steam for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops, and will soon be published on PS4 and XBox One on June 6, 2017.

Perception takes on a bold and fresh take on first-person perspective games. In this game, the players see things using echolocation which means every sound creates a visual. It puts you in control of a young blind woman named Cassie, who must use her extraordinary hearing and sharp wits to explore an abandoned mansion that haunts her dreams. Little did she know that the mansion is inhabited by a ghostly presence which has tormented the mansion’s inhabitants over the years. Cassie must solve the estate’s mystery in time or become one of its victims.

The game will let you engage in a deadly game of hide-and-seek where you must face enemies, including The Presence. To solve the mystery, you must be able to trigger radical change at the Estate relying on Cassie’s Echo Bluff.

The Perception has been receiving positive reviews on Steam and has been compared to popular horror games like Amnesia, Outlast, and as well as Isolation.

According to Game Informer, the game is a memorable horror experience due to its unique setup and gameplay. It features an unsettling atmosphere that is downright terrifying. It lets you solve a compelling mystery by facing unknown things that lurk in the dark.

Want to check out the game? It is available to download on Steam at

Let’s check out its trailer:

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