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Paragon Introduces Its New Support Hero: Phase

Phase, the new Paragon hero.

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After the release of the malevolent spirit and bounty hunter Revenant, Paragon is back with a new hero named Phase. According to her lore, Phase has exhibited powers at a young age and thus was sent to Tyron Industries to be trained. Together with the other subjects, Phase escaped and lived a free life in the Omeda City, eventually leading her to Agora.

Phase has the perfect skill set to unlock the true potential of her ally’s extraordinary abilities. By linking to an ally, she can empower them to fight longer, harder, and stronger.


LMB: Pulse Bolt

Pulse Bolt is Phase’s basic ranged attack which deals 53 damage. Its damage increases per level by 1.6.

RMB: Telekinetic Link

Phase creates a link between her and an ally hero. If reactivated, it will pull the tethered target to her, saving her ally from imminent danger. While this skill is activated, Phase passes her Health Regen to her linked ally. Using any of Phase’s abilities will give her a quick Health Regen boost for 2 seconds.

Q: Psychic Flare

Psychic Flare lets Phase to emit a blast of light energy around her and her linked target. The blast will deal damage and will also blind enemies caught in the area of effect.

E: Energy Lance

Energy Lance causes Phase to fire a stream of energy from her hands, which deals damage and apply a stacking slow on every hit. If she is able to keep her lance on the target long enough, the slow will stack into a root, keeping the enemy locked in place for a few seconds.

R: HyperFlux

HyperFlux is Phase ultimate skill. It lets Phase and her linked ally gain Attack Speed, Mana Regen, and Cooldown Reduction bonus, along with a decaying Movement Speed boost similar to Muriel’s Alacrity.


Paragon is Epic Games’ first MOBA video game which features a third-person perspective and an asymmetrical map. It was released in 2016 for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops as well as PlayStation 4 console.

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