New Smite God: Daji, The Nine-Tailed Fox

Last week, Hi-Rez Studios finally revealed the latest mythological figure to join Smite — Daji, the Nine-Tailed Fox. Daji is a wicked and conniving Fox Spirit summoned by the Goddess Nu Wa to punish Emperor Zhu and put his life into misery.

However, Da Ji was more than that; she reveled in torture and malice. And now she joins the fray to take delight from the cries of her enemies.


Passive: Torture Blades

Torture Blades

Torture Blades allows Da Ji’s sharp claws to cause her enemies to Bleed when struck by her basic attacks. The bleeding causes the opponent to take additional damage. It can stack any numbers of times on the same target.

Horrible Burns

Horrible Burns

It causes Daji to heat up her claws. Each attack causes her next successfully hit basic attack to burn the target, dealing instant bonus damage and additional damage.

One Thousand Cuts

One Thousand Cuts

One Thousand Cuts allows Daji to lash out with her claws at nearby enemies. She executes 4 strikes for 2 seconds that can hit all enemies in range. These hits automatically apply Bleed from Torture Blades.

While this ability is channeling, Daji will gain increase movement speed, while being immune to slows. Her tails also mitigate the damage dealt by any enemies who are behind her.

Spirit Link

Spirit Link

Da Ji selects an ally or enemy target and then teleports to their location. Upon arriving at the target, she then lashes out with her claws, dealing instant damage and applying Bleed from Torture Blades.

Pao Lao

Pao Lao

Pao Lao, when activated, causes Daji to summon her signature torture device, the Pao Lao. She hovers above the instrument and gets to shot 3 fire chains at the enemies below. An enemy who gets hit by the shots are damage, chained, and slowed.

At the end of her ability, Daji jumps off the Pao Lao and causes enemies to be pulled to it, becoming stunned and taking additional damage.


Da Ji, The Nine-Tailed Fox, will roll out with the 4.9 PTS Patch, so make sure to keep your Smite updated. If you haven’t tried the game yet, Smite is free to download for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and gaming laptops. You can download the on its official site or on Steam.

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