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Dead Cells – A Roguelike 2D Combat Game

Dead Cells

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A new game that was released on Steam this month is starting to be known thanks to the incredible response it’s getting from players all over the world. Dead Cells is described as a rogue-Vania hybrid game, featuring the qualities present in procedurally generated roguelike games and the action-exploration theme present in Metroidvania games.

Dead Cells gives players a progressive exploration of an interconnected world, allowing the replayability present in a rogue-lite game and the adrenaline pumping threat that comes with permadeath. With it comes a soul-lite combat, featuring pattern-based bosses and minions, as well as weapons and spells to give players a unique gameplay.

The game also features non-linear progression where you can unlock new levels with every death. It also lets the player explore undiscovered parts of the castle, preparing you for bosses. And the best part is that Dead Cells is full of secret rooms and hidden passages for players to discover on their own. In this game, death is all about backtracking.


Dead Cells - Gameplay

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At the start of the game, the player controls a mass of cells which can control the body of a deceased prisoner. The player uses this character to explore its world, collect weapons and armors as well as gain abilities and power-ups as he continues to explore a set of procedurally-generated dungeons and fight creatures that dwell in them.

In Dead Cells, if the player’s controlled warrior health falls to zero, the game will be over. The player must then start again, losing all the items and wealth acquired. This also means that the dungeons are re-generated again, giving a new experience and gameplay to the player.


Dead Cells Screenshot

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Like it was stated earlier, Dead Cells is a procedurally generated game, which means at each new game, you’ll be faced with different situations. Like its developers said, Dead Cells will test our instincts, reflexes, and ability to adapt to an evolving situation. The procedurally generated world also gives you the feeling of a meticulously handcrafted world, making sure you have a new experience every time.

Dead Cells is a wonderful gift for fans of 2D games. The game is available to download on Microsoft Windows gaming PC and gaming laptop. You can check it out here at

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