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StrixLab Reveals the Trailer of Its Very First Horror Game

Ad Infinitum

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Earlier this month, a horror game trailer made rounds on the internet due to its outtake on the World War I events. Developed by the Germany-based indie developer StrixLab, Ad Infinitum is an atmospheric single-player horror game that puts deep into the trenches of World War I, haunted by terrifying monsters.

According to StrixLab official website, Ad Infinitum will place you in the middle of a forlorn battlefield where unknown and vicious creatures lurk in the shadows. The player must solve challenging puzzles to clear pathways and avoid deadly traps while sneaking through a maze of trenches, hiding from the horrors manifested by the bloody war.

Ad Infinitum Screenshot

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Its surrealistic game world is based on facts and history that happened during the World War I mixed with some fictional elements, producing an intense story told through its environment.

The trailer gave us a brief glimpse of the supernatural monstrosities that lie in the dark and wet trenches. Ad Infinitum is, as of this writing, still in its early development stage. The developer confirmed that Ad Infinitum will focus on a deeper psychological and surreal horror, and will not rely on jump scares.

Ad Infinitum Gameplay

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In the video, the character seems to only evade and hide from the monsters, but the game will have weapons. And right now, StrixLab is exploring different approaches on how they will be used to influence the gameplay.

Ad Infinitum is said to be inspired by real events, while its supernatural aspects were influenced by Guillermo Del Toro. The developers also mentioned psychological horror games like Silent Hill 2, SOMA, Amnesia, and Layers of Fear as a source of inspiration.

Ad Infinitum Setting

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The game is said to be released on gaming PC since it uses Unreal Engine. However, StrixLab is already considering developing a port for XBox One and PS4 after the incredible response to their trailer. They also confirmed that Ad Infinitum is possible to play in VR.

For now, there are no details yet to when StrixLab plans to release the game. We only hope that they release it soon.

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