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League of Legends Best Champion Reworks

League of Legends has become one of the fastest growing online game in the world. Released in October 2009 for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs and laptops, the game was developed by Riot. And even eight years from now, it still continues to gain more players, allowing its community to grow as bigger as ever.

With a continuous roll of updates, League of Legends continues to attract and pique gamers’ interests. That’s why today, we’re going to name seven of the best and new League of Legends champion reworks.


The wolf-man just got scarier after receiving a visual and gameplay update from Riot last January 2017. Pack with some new and vicious tricks, Warwick remained as everyone’s go-to-pooch when playing jungler. As before, he still excels at chasing down injured targets and bringing them to their demise. However, with an update on his skill kit, he is now more flexible in the battlefield and goes beyond relying on his ultimate ability to kill.


Sejuani will show her true strength as the barbarian war leader. Included in the Tank Roster Update, the Winter’s Wrath has now become the Fury of the North who charges into battle with her frosty strikes, leaving enemies vulnerable to her new Permafrost targeted lockdown.


Zac, our loveable and adorable gooey friend, has become even gooier with his update. The Secret Weapon can now do Stretching Strikes which allow him to grab his enemies and knock them together. He also has a new skill called Let’s Bounce which lets him carry enemies along for a wild ride that can lead to death.


Galio has no doubt become the champion with the best visual update so far. From that old and dark stone gargoyle, Riot turned him into this cool-looking stone warden that can do superhero landing, otherwise known as his last skill, Hero’s Entrance. He became as durable as ever and can smash any opponent who dares to go on the frontline.


Tristana’s visual and gameplay update was not a surprise for everyone. Riot has been hinting it, planning to make the cute yordle marksman even deadlier as before. Along with some few tweaks, Tristana’s third skill is now known as Explosive Charge which when activated attaches a charge to an enemy building or unit. After a few seconds, the charge detonates, dealing damage.


Everyone was excited when Riot announced that the Yordle tank Poppy would be getting an update, and we’re more pleased when it was released. As a top laner, Poppy has now a suit of strong crowd control skills. With a synchronizing skill kit, she can now combo her abilities to win trades which will allow her to build her first major power spike with a completed offensive item.


Sion was promising, but it took a visual and gameplay update from Riot for players to recognize his real potential. The Undead Juggernaut has become as scarier as ever with a new bunch of skill sets that can deal immense damage along with a hefty knock-up.


After the Tank Update, there are rumors that Riot is now working on releasing a visual and gameplay update for Urgot, The Headsman’s Pride, and Evelynn, The Widowmaker. For more updates, you can visit their official website at

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