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Morigesh and Revenant: Paragon’s New Heroes

Morigesh and Revenant

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Epic Games’ own MOBA game Paragon has released two new heroes: Morigesh and Revenant. Both are ranged-type heroes who excel in bringing massive damage to their enemies. Morigesh is an ability Caster with a versatile ultimate skill that allows her to reposition herself during team fights. Revenant, on the other hand, deals massive damage and excels in hunting single target enemy.



Photo Source: Paragon. com

Morigesh is a burst and elusive ganker who is a ranged attack-type hero. According to her lore, she is the personification of a drowned forest, traveling to Agora in pursuit of The Fey. She is a close-ranged Caster who uses her abilities to deal consistent damage on her enemies and reduce their life down for her to easily assassinate them.

One of her skills is called Swarm which will allow her to engage, disengage, and reposition in team fights by transforming her body into a swarm of insects. Her ultimate skill, Curse, lets her summon a deadly swarm of insects in Morigesh’s image to stab the enemy that was recently hit by her other skill Mark.

As a close-range Caster, positioning is important to Morigesh. Her skills, Mark and Curse, is a powerful and versatile combo that she can use before a fight to weaken her enemy.



Photo Source: Paragon. com

Revenant is a marauder and burst assassin, an ability carries that relies on isolating his targets and collecting bounties. According to his lore, he is a product of an unholy melding of a malevolent spirit and a ruthless bounty hunter named Jedediah Sparks.

In the battlefield, Revenant wields a revolver that carries four rounds. His skills include Hellfire Rounds which allows you to automatically reload your weapon, and comes with a passive component which allows you to deal damage on his fourth shot. Another skill is Scar which will infuse your target with dark energy. Obliterate lets him fire a volley of projectiles that randomly target enemies. And an ultimate ability called Reckoning, allows him to transport himself and an enemy target into the nether realm, where they can duel to the death.

As stated earlier, Revenant relies on collecting bounties to quickly become stronger. Players must remember to build items that will cause his abilities to deal more damage. Be mindful of his cooldowns, and calculate each round of bullets when engaging with enemies. Just remember to isolate, hunt, and assassinate.


Morigesh and Revenant are now available to play. If you want to try their skills out, Paragon is a free-to-play MOBA video game who has a unique third-person perspective. It was released in March 2016 for Microsoft Windows PCs and gaming laptops as well as PlayStation 4.

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